Free Double Check of existing reports

Lazy or untrained inspectors may be costing your policyholders thousands. This is common when inspectors don’t climb into hot attics or claim that the roof to wall connections are covered with insulation. That is unacceptable! Inspectors select “unknown or undetermined” and your policyholders pay the price.


Some recent significant finds:


On June 25, 2013, we helped Jade G. of Palmetto Bay save over $1700 per year in insurance premiums. Her previous inspector claimed that her roof to wall connection  could not be verified because it was covered in insulation. We moved the insulation and properly identified “Single Wraps”. They overpaid thousands of dollars in insurance premiums for several years because of a lazy inspector.


Maria P. who lives in Coral Gables is now saving over $2200 per year. Her Dade County approved shutters were located in a crawl space under the home. In her words, the inspector did not want to get his pants dirty to verify them. Also, her complex roof truss system made it difficult to crawl through to verify her roof-to-wall connection, so the previous inspector selected “Unknown or Undetermined”. We crawled through the difficult, but not impossible attic, to verify her connections and saved her thousands.


Here’s how our Double Check works:


1. Email us a copy of the report you would like us to review.


2. We will review the report for errors.


3. If we find an error or a feature that has not been accurately reported, we will inform you. In some cases, a field visit is necessary (there is absolutely no-charge for the visit)


4. If there are no mistakes, there are no fees.     or


If a new inspection report is required to update the homeowner’s policy to reflect  added savings, then our normal inspection fees apply. Homeowner’s savings always exceed the cost of the inspection.


There is no-risk and no-obligation. We will review as many reports as you like.