Many commercial and high valued homes (over 4,000 square feet or valued at over $500,000) are now being required to have a replacement cost valuation done. This calculates the replacement cost of the structure, based on today’s construction cost, as per the most up to date version of the Marshall & Swift/Boeckh Replacement Cost Estimator .


Valuations differ from real estate appraisals in that they do not consider the value of the land on which a structure is built and therefore, do not necessarily reflect current market value.


A Citizens Replacement Cost Valuation is a current reproduction cost estimate of the insurable physical assets of a property. These assets typically include buildings, structures and site improvements (pools, tennis courts, etc.) as well as contents and equipment.


We perform Insurance Replacement Cost Valuations for Commercial and Residential Property Owners insured by Citizens Property Insurance and other carriers throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and surrounding areas..



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